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So, I'll be talking about the first consultation that I had regarding Skin Removal Surgery with a private company Harley Medical Group.
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After looking around at different private companies for skin removal surgery, I came across Harley Medical Group. I'd heard of them before, they're  quite a popular company for skin removal surgery and I'd seen some of the adverts on TV.

I emailed through their websites for price enquiries for the procedures that I was looking at having and was asked if I wanted to come in for a free consultation. PERFECT! Being able to talk to a professional about what I wanted done. I had my consultation on the 28th October (2013).

The clinic wasn't too far away from where we live, around a 30 minute drive (I take this into consideration as this is where my post-op appointments would be).

I was obviously nervous upon arriving as it is a big deal to me. I was met by a Nurse and she made me feel welcomed and calmer. I filled in paperwork, the paper work is your details and your medical history to fill in. After it was all done, I went in for my consultation.

The nurse went over my details with me and asked me what I was there for and we had some general chit chat about my weight loss. I was examined, the most embarrassing part of it all. If I am embarrassed at looking at myself in the mirror, I wasn't exactly comfortable with someone else taking a look.

The nurse agreed that both procedures were necessary as the loose skin I have cannot be reduced through exercise or diet.

I was told that a Breast Uplift and Tummy Tuck was recommended, they explained the procedures and the scarring that I would have after the procedures. I was also notified of the risks of my results of surgery being reversed if I were to have kids and that she wouldn't recommend breast feeding as that can also reverse the effects.

I did ask whether or not I would need implants based on the amount of breast tissue I have left and was not given a clear answer. Not much detail was gone into about the tummy tuck either, it seemed like a breast uplift was the main topic to talk about.

This was the disappointing part of my consultation. I would have to have ANOTHER consultation with an actual surgeon to find out more information that I required and this came with a fee. Only the surgeon would be able to tell me whether or not I would need breast implants.

I was given a quote for both of the procedures and had the opportunity to ask any questions (I'll go over questions and answers in another post when I've been through all of my consultations).

I was given an information pack containing quotes for procedures, information booklets for each of the procedures and a resume for the surgeon that would perform the procedures.

This was another part that I wasn't particularly happy about. There were no list of surgeons that could perform the surgery. After the consultation, I had a look at my information pack and decided to do some research on the surgeon that I was recommended. Unfortunately, I couldn't find ANY information at all on this surgeon other than that he was GMC Registered which was concerning.

I couldn't view his work or find anything about the type of work that he had performed. I looked on the Harley Medical Group website and again, could not find any information on any of the surgeons that they have working for them, which I found odd.

I decided not to proceed any further, I would purely be going on word of mouth and recommended surgeons by the company themselves rather than that of patients experience.

That's not to say that other people wouldn't have a good experience with them. The Nurse who did my consultation was great, but this is such a big deal to me and not being able to find any surgeon information was a bad point that pushed my decision.

So overall, it wasn't a good start to my consultations. I've had another consultation with a different company and I'm having a second consultation with a different surgeon from the same company tomorrow.

I'll be writing a blog post to sum up the other consultations into one post for next week.

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