Monday Weigh In


Last Weeks Weight: 136.4

This Weeks Weight: 136.4

Weigh In Results: -0.0 lbs

Total Weight Loss: 121.6 lbs

So, I maintained my weight this week.

Supposed to be a good thing when youre maintaining, but when you're desperately trying to get the weight down, it turns out being just a tad dissapointing.

Don't have too much else to say about this.

I'm only drinking water and green tea this week rather than drinks with more calorieslike hot chcolate and normal tea with milk. Hopefully, I can flush my body out. I've also stocked up on fruit this week rather than other, less healthy snacks. 

So hopefully, I weigh in a little less next week! Fingers Crossed!

Until Next Time!

Question: Do you drink Green Tea? Any favourite brands you've got?

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  1. I call it a victory for you - the exact same weight two weigh-ins in a row is great!

    1. Definitely :) It's better than a gain in my books, but it's just a little disheartening. Not gonna dwell on it, I've a whole week to try again ;)

  2. Maintenance is better than a gain for sure. Make sure you are eating enough calories though or your body starts to freak out and hold on to weight rather than shedding it. :)

    1. For sure, yeah. I think my problem is that I'm over or at my maintenance calories some days of the time, which is why I'm not losing anything. Just got to budge it down a little. :)


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