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I've been following Fit Approach for a while now on social media and their mission just resonates with me. Their community is filled with Motivation, Inspiration and Support and its great to follow people along.

FitApproach have partnered with Lorna Jane for a month long challenge, Move Nourish Believe Challenge and I jumped at the chance to join in, why not?!

I had heard of Lorna Jane before but never bought any of their items. I recently discovered their website MoveNourishBeleive which has great motivation and tips for everyone.

Image Sourced from the Lorna Jane Facebook Page
Everyone is free to join in on the challenge, you can RSVP to the event HERE.

So, here's what's going on for the first week!

Week One -  #Move
2/3: Sweat-it-out! -Show us your favorite way to sweat!
2/4: Change it up! – Sweat a new way! Select a workout from movenourishbelieve.com/category/move and show us your post-sweat session selfie.
2/5: Let’s get planking! – Plank for at least five minutes today! You can split the planks up.
2/6: Buddy up! – Workout with a friend today!
2/7: Fave Friday! – Show us your five fitness favorites! Exercises, people, whatever gets you moving and motivated!
*Recap your week in a blog post!

You can post an image everyday on Twitter and Instagram, tagging @fitapproach and @lornajaneactive and using the #mnbchallenge and #sweatpink hashtags.

If you take part in the event daily for all of the 3 weeks, you can be in with a chance of winning $1000 to spend at Lorna Jane!

Let me know if you decide to join in on the fun!

Now onto my weigh in for this week:
Last Weeks Weight: 136.4

This Weeks Weight: 137.2

Weigh In Results: + 0.8

Total Weight Loss: 120.8 lbs

Ugh.... I HATE seeing a gain.. and its not been just this week if you've already read my post from last weeks weigh in.

I know why I've gained, but it doesn't make it any easier to see. I'm on my sweet treat ban.. which is going well.. but its early days, its only been 3 days so far. 

However, I was slightly happy about my weigh in.. as I'd weighed in earlier in the week and was ALMOST creeping back in the 140's and that completely kicked my out of my funk. I don't want to be back there.

I hope, by next week, maybe I'll be back down to around 135 again. That's my happy weight.

I now just want to focus on staying on track. Keeping away from the sweet treats and keeping active with my daily yoga.. and ofc the #mnbchallenge :)

Until Next Time!

Question: Whats YOUR favourite way to sweat? 
Right now, I'm really enjoying my Yoga Practice :)

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  1. I just got out of my comfort zone and tired Zumba. I really love it. I like how it doesn't feel like working out and I always burn 500 or more calories in that hour. I still run and do other workouts but this is my favorite right now.

    1. I've always wanted to try Zumba! It looks so fun! Might have a look for a class somewhere. :)


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