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So, I'd been thinking about surgery for a long time before deciding to do anything about it. I'd brought it up once or twice when I'd gone to see my GP about other issues but never sat down properly to discuss my excess skin issues.

I'd been advised on previous occasions, without a GP actually looking at my loose skin, that it was something that could be done on the NHS but had certain criteria to meet to be considered.

I booked an appointment to see my GP on 8th of October last year. I was actually pretty disappointed about it. My GP didn't seem to know much  about weight loss, loose skin or even the procedures and criteria for the getting anything done through the NHS.

She had a look at the loose skin around my stomach and by look, I mean literally, all she did was take a quick look and then said that was fine.

I initially wanted to know if it was something that could be done via exercise and I might be able to tighten up, but nothing, no advice.

She said she didn't know the procedure for having it done through the NHS and would find out from her colleagues and give me a call back. She advised me of a Private Company that she would recommend to get prices for surgery if it was not available on the NHS.

I think I knew by then that it was something that could not be done via the NHS. My GP didn't seem to care, so much so that I even had to ring up to find out if she had the criteria I asked for.

The Criteria she gave me were:
* If loose skin in areas is causing mental or physical problems and causing lifestyle issues.
* Be within a normal BMI range
* Have maintained weight for 2 years.

Unfortunately, I didn't meet the criteria of having maintained my weight for 2 years and therefore told me to come back then. 2 Years is a long time to wait when you're suffering both mentally and physically.

I wont go on a rant about how much I think it sucks that the NHS won't help. I just have to do it on my own and that's what I'm doing.

By all means, if you've got issues with loose skin, go and see your GP for advice, from my perspective, they didn't help but it may be different for others.


I started my research at this point into Private Companies that could be considered for my skin removal surgery. I browsed several websites, looked for 'reviews' so to speak and emailed a few of the companies about quotes for both procedures I wanted done.

Spire was a Private Company recommended by my GP, these came out at the most expensive for the surgery and asked for a £250 fee for an initial consultation.

I decided not to get a consultation with this company, for every consultation (such as if I decided to see a different surgeon for another consultation), I would have to pay the fee again. I thought this was a little extortionate.

I have had two consultations with two different private companies and will be going for a third consultation with another surgeon from the second company.

I will go into some detail about each of the consultations that I've had so look out for those posts. I'll be sticking with Thursdays for my Plastic Surgery updates.

I'd also like to say a massive Thank You for all the support that I've received from these posts on my blog and social media. It was tough to post.

If you have any questions that you would like to ask, then feel free to comment below or even email me at and I will be sure to answer them as best as possible.

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