Summary Sunday


Workouts this week:
Saturday - 8.44 miles
Sunday - 5.89 miles and 15min Yoga

Bad week for exercise as you may have seen. No real reason for lack of workouts this week. Stuck in a rut, wanted my bed more than I wanted to exercise. Bad Week.

Food this week:
Not too bad food wise this week.Snacking has been in moderation. Ate a sensible lunch and dinner. slacking on the breakfast front.. been rushed for time and grabbing a convinient breakfast rather than proper food. this will change as of tomorow. other than that, food has been ok.

Goals last week:
1) Don't be silly with snacking.
As i explained above. snacking has been in moderation this week and i managed not to overdo it. Im gonna cut it back further next week though..Overall   think i did pretty well though.

2) Start an exercise routine.
Didnt happen. Worked out twice this weekend. Nothing during the week. No motivation to get out of bed during the week. Im hoping to get back into it this week.

Goals this week:
1) Get out of bed at 6:45am every morning to get things done!
I wont set myself a target of getting up earlier as it just wont happen. I usally have a 7-7:30 alarms and last wee was getting out of bed after 7:30am.. so I want to set a goal for actually getting out of bed and being more pro-active.

i was trying to think of another goal to set myself this week but i cant think of anything and i hink that this will be good to focus on for this week.

i hope everyone has had a great weekend and a great first week back at work!

Until Next Time!

Do you ever find yourself stuck in a rut with healthy eating or exercise? What do you do to get past it?

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