This week has been pretty awful..

Last week, I made all the resolutions about getting in my Yoga Practice, eating healthier, more water.. etc..

I've done ONE single workout this week. OK.. it was a good one. but its just ONE good one.

I'm resetting. I'm starting clean. Today has been a good day and I want to continue like this for the next 354 days.

I went running today. EIGHT miles. I'm actually pretty darn proud of myself. I didn't eat before we went running, which BTW.. is a bad idea. I hadn't done exercise this week either and when I don't exercise during the week prior to a run... that run just doesn't go as well as planned.

but yeah, I was SUPER proud of myself for doing that distance. My usual running distance is 5.5-6 miles on weekends.. so to run an extra 2 miles more than usual was a big deal for me.

So, its a fresh start. I had no excuses for no other workouts this week.. but I will make sure I start doing them. Otherwise I'll make ZERO progress.

I want to try and make sure I get in my Yoga and Kettlebell workouts. I'm going to be running as usual, but instead of running both weekend days with Phillip and his mother, I'll be dedicating Saturday to be MY running day.

I'll go out on my own.. or with Phillip if he likes.. and run what I want whether that be distance or speed, or maybe just a fun run and then I'll use the Sunday run as a recovery fun run with Phillip and his mother.

Hopefully it sounds like I've got it all planned. I sure hope I do.

Here's to starting over!

Until Next Time!

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  1. Sometimes we need a reset. A bad week can totally spiral out of control if we don't reign it in. push the reset and start fresh. Here's to a FRESH week :)


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