Monday Weigh In


Last Weeks Weight: 134.4

This Weeks Weight: 133.6

Weigh In Results: - 0.8 lbs

Total Weight Loss: 124.4 lbs

I don't know why I am continuously surprised by the number that comes up scale each week.

I always continuously think that I am going to gain. Every Single Week. And each week I'm surprised.

I must admit, last week was pretty terrible. You'll have known if you read my RESET post from last week that I didn't exercise at all during the week except for this weekend.

I didn't eat all bad last week, but what I ate was what made me think I would surely gain this week. However, I'm to make sure that I don't get complacent with it.. I don't want to think that I can eat whatever I want just because I had a bad week and didn't gain.

For all I know, the running I did at the weekend has cancelled out the food that I had.. But eventually it would catch up with me but I wont be letting that happen.

So, I'm staying on track, getting an exercise routine in there somewhere and minding what I eat.

I guess part of me really just can't get my head around the fact that if I eat more.. I'm still OK and even sometimes lose weight. Its a weird concept. You assume that the less you eat.. the more likely you are to maintain and lose.

Are/Have you had a bad week that you thought would reflect on the scale and ended up being the complete opposite?

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