Monday Weigh In


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Welcome to my first weigh in of 2014!

Sliiiightly different format to the posts - and a different style of photo. I got a new set of scales for Christmas which takes BMI, Bodyfat and Percentage of Water Weight.

For the most part, it will just be my weight displayed here, however, Every month, I'll also include my Body Fat Percentage like I will do today.

Last Weeks Weight: 135.8

Weigh In Results: -1.4 lbs

Total Weight Loss: 123.6 lbs

Body Fat: 22.5 %

BMI: 21.6

Top Left - Weight / Top Right - BMI /
Bottom Left - Body Fat % / Bottom Right - Water Weight.

So, I didn't gain and actually LOST 0.2 lbs over the Christmas/New Year Period. 

I already discussed this in my post yesterday.. but I thought I might have been OK with my weigh in today and I was right. I did do quite a lot of snacking whilst I was at my parents but it doesn't seem to have done much damage.

That obviously doesn't mean that its OK to continue eating that way. I'm definitely already cutting back. On my eating to get back on track.

I'm still tracking, but I'm not tracking half as often as I used to. I only really log on at the end of the day to enter all of my food.. and by then.. I've already eaten everything..  

I think logging has really become more of a habit than anything else. I don't actually NEED to be logging anymore. I'm not really paying too much attention to how many calories I'm eating during the day. I'm paying more attention to my body and when it is hungry.

Anyone have their first day back at work since before Christmas? or when did you go back to work?
I went back today, it wasn't as bad as I thought it was gonna be and we're pretty slow at the moment.. its always like this at the beginning of the year..

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