You need to start stretching!


So, this past weekend has been a busy one. I had a consultation this weekend, but that's a completely separate subject and I'll get onto that in another post.

So, I've been umm'ing and arrr'ing about getting a running watch for quite a while. I had been looking on the internet all Saturday and couldn't make up my mind. Eventually, me and Phillip decided that we were gonna get the Garmin 220's and we started looking for places that had them in stock.

We found out that Sweatshop was the only place in the UK that was stocking the new Garmin watches as they had some sort of exclusivity thing with them.

Phillip ended up changing his mind when it came to ringing the Cambridge store and we ended up reserving to of the 620's instead.

This is my new baby. :)
We headed to the Sweatshop on the Saturday afternoon to go and pick them up. We actually had no idea that there was a sweatshop in Cambridge until we looked online. The sales advisor in the store was great and she was very knowledgeable. She spent a lot of time talking to us.

After we'd purchased our watches, I asked her about the pain that I've been having with the ball of my foot lately and she offered to fit me in the same shoes that I currently have and get me on the gait to make sure the shoes were right for me.

I jumped on the treadmill, wasn't on that long and then she had a look afterwards. She said that I'm definitely in the right shoes and I'm a neutral runner. I'm a heel striker. She said she did notice that when I roll onto the ball of my foot, I'm pushing off my pinky toes.

She said that the cause of my pain is probably due to tight calf muscles and and Achilles and recommended several stretches that I can do to help with this.

She also mentioned that I should get a small ball like a golf ball and roll my foot over it to stretch out the muscles.

So.. I'm working on actually remembering to stretch as I'm quite bad with making sure that I do, in fact, as of late, I've rarely been stretching after my runs which is probably the reason for my foot pain.

I suggest to everyone that wants to start running, get yourself fitted properly with the right shoe as it can do a world of good and make sure that you stretch properly AFTER your run.

I'll keep you updated on how the stretching goes.

Until Next Time!

Do you run? What type of running shoes have you got?

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