Summary Sunday


Workouts this week:
Wednesday - 3.02 miles
Thursday - 1.05 miles
Saturday - 5.59 miles
Sunday - 6.39 miles

An OK week for running, 4 days.. however, I would have liked to have done 3 miles on the Thursday but it was just cold and miserable and quite slippery out and I just wasn't feeling the run so I cut it short, I wish I didn't.

and I still haven't had the motivation to start back with Yoga or Kettlebells yet.. its going on hold at the moment because I'm trying to cram in as much revision as I can before my exam next week.

I will start back after Christmas when I'm less busy. For now I'll stick to the running.

Food this week:
Food has been pretty awful this week. It was OK on Monday and Tuesday, however, Wednesday was an office Christmas party. Pizza for lunch.. lots of snacks.. not good.

Thursday was leftovers from the party the previous day, then there was a birthday on Friday. Saturday and Sunday consisted of more snackage due to an abundance of snacks being bought for the house.

So, overall, its been pretty sh*t for food. AWFUL.

Goals last week:
1st -  Get up earlier
This sort of happened on some days, not on others. I did manage to get out for all of my runs scheduled this week so I'll call it a win.

2nd - No slacking on water.
I have been drinking a lot.. but its been tea and coffee rather than plain water so I won't be counting this as a win on water this week. Best try harder next time.

Goals next week:
1st - Be good with food.
I have an actual Christmas lunch coming up for work this Wednesday with work so I want to make sure that I'm extra good with food choices during the week. I do NOT want to go stupid with snacks like I did this week.

That's my only goal for this week. Control my eating. This week has been a bad. I will see how it has affected my weight this week. Hopefully not too much of a gain.

We'll see! Busy Busy week ahead with the Christmas Party and exam revision, wish me luck.. I think I'm gonna need it.. :S

Until Next Time!

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