Reviewing 2013 Resolutions


This year seems to have flown by SO fast. Back in January, I made a post about resolutions that I would be setting for the year of 2013. You can see the post I wrote HERE.

So, with today being New Years Eve, I thought it would be appropriate to review my goals that I set and see how I did. 

I actually had to look back to the old post to figure out what I set fort his year as I completely forgot. However, here are the goals I set myself:

1) Lose the remaining weight.
TICK! I achieved my goal weigh towards the end of this year and got to 135 lbs and I'm now maintaining my weight.

Maintenance is actually going really well. I had to adjust at the start with my weight fluctuating up and down and I hated seeing any sort of gain on the scale, but I've been around the same weight + or - a few pounds.

2) Start a strength training program and Stick to it.
NOPE. I actually didn't even start any strength training program this year. I did finish reading the NROLFW but never started it. And I ended up quitting the gym earlier this year as it was just too busy for the space and equipment that was in there. So yeah.. This didn't happen.

I also didn't really attempt to do any weights at home either until later on in the year when I bought some kettlebells but I haven't really used them. I will start up again in the New Years when I get home.

3) Do 10 full (non-girly) push ups.
Didn't happen. And I knew it wouldn't when I decided not to start a weigh lifting program as I wasn't gaining any strength in my arms. I still can't even do one full push-up.

4) Run 6 miles without stopping.
Yes, I can do this. I consistently run about 6 miles every Saturday and Sunday. Running has been going really well and I'm proud of what I accomplished this year with running.

5) Enter a 10 km race
I did one better and I entered and did a Half Marathon this year in May and you can read my race report on it HERE

I enjoyed it but it could have been better if I trained for it properly. I didn't really train that much r it other than a few long runs before we actually did the run. If I'm to do another, I will definitely make sure that I train properly next time.

I also set some non-fitness related goals for this year..

1) Bake something every weekend.
This didn't happen, I have baked a lot this year, but it hasn't been consistent every weekend. I think I set this goal way too high and maybe should have gone with a number of new recipes during the year.

2) Be more positive
Yes and No on this one. I have definately tried to be a lot more positive about things this year but it hasn't been completely ruled out. Since getting to my goal weight, I've actually been quite negative of the loose skin I have in certain areas  and it's been getting me down.

Fortunately, I am taking care of this and I will address it in a post soon after the New Year.

So, that was all my resolutions for this year. I think I've done pretty well. I achieved my main resolution of getting to my goal weight and I've achieved that so I'm happy with what I have achieved this year, even though I didn't achieve everything.

Another post will be going up tomorrow for the new year where I will. Be discussing my plans for 2014 and what I want to achieve in the New Year! 

So, keep your eyes peeled for that!

How did you get on with your resolutions/goals set for 2013?

Have you set any new goals for the coming year?

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  1. Just started reading your blog. You have done an amazing job. Hope you have a great 2014. Happy New Years!!!!


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