Monday Weigh In


Before I start, I travelled up to my parents for new year this morning. The train was SO busy and crammed. Had a lovely meal with my dad and his partner and opened up my Christmas prezzies. I've gotten so much fitness  and yoga stuff from them this year. I did ask for the stuff that they got me and I'm really happy with things I got.

I'll probably do a post at some point and most likely some reviews of some things as I'm excited to try them out.

Oh! And I'm posting from my ipad as I don't have a laptop here, so enjoy my lovely formatted posts.. Noooott! ;)

+1.4 lbs

-14.2 lbs since January 1st.
-121.2 lbs since starting weight.

Last Weeks Weight: 134.6lbs
Current Weight: 135.8 lbs 

Expected a bit of weight gain over the Christmas period. I'd say it's extremely hard to maintain weight during the holidays.. At least for me so I'm happy with this weigh in.

I would assume that some of this is actually water weight and will come off soon anyway. Just need to drink plenty of water.

My weigh ins and in particular the number on the scale isn't really bothering me so much anymore. I am just weighing in weekly to keep in check but I'm not so bothered about the scales number going up or down or staying the same.

I hope everyone has had an great Christmas! And I hope you have a great New Year!

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