Monday Weigh In


+0.2 lbs
-16.6 lbs since January 1st.
-123.6 lbs since starting weight.

Last Weeks Weight: 134.4 lbs
Current Weight: 134.6 lbs

I was NOT expecting to see only a 0.2 lb gain on the scale this morning. I was expecting to see a much higher number this week with all the junk that I have eaten this week.

Last week was SO bad with snacking. The office party.. someones birthday.. an abundance of snacks in the house.. is just a recipe for disaster.

I was relieved to only see the 0.2 lb gain and I'm happy with it. Maybe the running I did this week was enough to cancel out the food that I had been eating.

Got another busy week this week. I've got my work Christmas Lunch out at Wild Wood tomorrow. I've picked as good a choice as I could from the selected Menu that we have. I won't be going overboard with the starters available as I've chosen a nice lunch and we had to choose a dessert. I was totally disappointed with the lack of healthier choices on the Christmas Menu though.

My WIAW post will include everything that I have. I've also got my exam next week and need to cram in all the revision that I can get over this next week.

Well.. that's it for today's weigh in..

Only 9 days until Christmas!

Have you gotten all your Christmas shopping done? I almost have.

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