What I Ate Wednesday - #12


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Happy mid week everyone! And I hope everyone is having a good day.

I've had an eventful day the last 2 days, I took Kia for her boosters yesterday after work. After everything was finished, I enquired about having her spayed and explained she hadn't been in season at all yet.

I have booked the little girl in for Tuesday to get spayed.. But I may have jinxed it slightly. That same night, the little one came into season and all last night and today she has been howling, meowing and chirping. Running around the house, rubbing herself on everything. I hope it doesn't continue until Tuesday, but it's been pretty funny to watch her. She's an indoor cat just like all the others so there's no chance of her getting pregnant.

It must be incredibly frustrating for her though, our other 3 cats are all males and neutered and they are showing zero interest to her. Poor baby! ;)

Anyway! Let's get onto my eats..

Breakfast: Danone Banoffee Yoghurt and a Special K Blueberry Biscuit Moment.
Lunch: Tesco Finest Morrocan Chicken Soup and 2 Slices of Hovis Numble Bread.
Dinner: Cod Fillet with Lemon and Black Pepper Sauce, Sweet Potato Fries and Cheesey Brocolli
Snacks: Danone Cherry Yoghurt, Snackajack Choc Chip Rice Cake, Special K Chocolate Biscuit Moment.
Drink: Options Hot Chocolate with Light Ancor Whipped Cream

Not the most exciting day but I did really enjoy it. I'm addicted to soup at the moment now that the weather has got cold.. Well.. More than cold actually.. It's freezing. And Me and P have been really enjoying Brocolli or cauliflower with cheese but it's not really that healthy and we only have it once per week.

As always, if you like posts like this, then head on over to Jenn's blog to checkout what everyone else has been eating!
What is one food you lean towards during the colder months of the year?

Laura x

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