Summary Sunday


Workouts this week:
Monday - Yoga
Tuesday - Yoga
Wednesday - 3.58 miles

Pfft.. Not as much as I expected. Haven't done my usual running at the weekend as I'm away from home and spending time with family.

I did yoga Monday and Tuesday but didn't do it again after. I've completely abandoned kettlebells. When I'm back from visiting family.. I'll be getting back to a workout schedule.

So yeah, not much workout wise this week but that's ok.

Food this week:
So So this week. Food has been on track during the week but a little downhill at the weekend as we didn't have meals planned. Me and Phillip have completely skipped lunch this weekend and just had breakfast, a snack and then dinner later. Not good and I have been quite hungry but it's awkward to eat when others aren't eating so I didn't bother. Bad mistake.

Will be better next week.

Goals last week:
1st - Get up earlier and be more organised.
I was up early for the first half of the week and managed to get in some yoga in the morning.. I was still getting up early during the week but didn't continue to stay organised.. Kia, my cat, had been spayed on the Tuesday and I have been so nervous and stressed for her as she's had to have a cone on so I spent a majority of my mornings checking that she was ok and not getting into mischief.

2nd - Keep on top of snacking
Yeh, I think I've pretty much been on top of it this week. I haven't snacked unnecessarily throughout the week. It's been good at work. I've had 1 snack tops and drunk lots of water. I haven't really snacked much this weekend either except for 1 snack each day

Goals next week:
1st - Incorporate kettlebells back into my weekly workouts.
As I've mentioned already.. I stopped doing my kettlebells for some reason and need to try and incorporate them back into my workout schedule this week.

2nd - Fit in 4 runs this week. Work on breathing.
I should be able to do the usual Weds/Thurs/Sat/Sun this week. If they are not on these particular days.. I will still fit in 4 runs this week.

So that's it for this week. I've not much else to say. I'm having a good time at my parents but I'm constantly paranoid about how my little cat is doing back at home and I'm totally bugging Phillips mum with texts to check on her.

Anyone else treat their animals like children? I'm so paranoid that anything will happen to my little cat.. Some people think it's silly to worry so much.

Anyway, Until Next Time..

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