Summary Sunday


Workouts this week:
Saturday - 5.87 miles
Sunday - 6.39 miles

Oops.. SorryI'mNotSorry..  I had ZERO motivation to workout this week. I was supposed to go running on Wednesday and Thursday as I normally would.. Didn't happen.. I was supposed to fit in Kettlebells and Yoga.. Didn't happen.

I made excuses this week. It's too cold.. I'm so tired.. It's raining. All sh*t excuses. I bought myself a waterproof jacket to stop the rain excuse and I'm still making the rain excuse.

Although I've had a lack of exercise this week. It's also done me some good. My foot had been hurting, I don't know if I mentioned it here on not.. It was really sore. The break seems to be making it better and was much more comfortable to run on this week, but I'll be getting back to normal schedule again next week.

Food this week:
Not bad during week. Food was good during the week and at work. I've had no issues there. My issues did arise this weekend though. There were Halloween cakes in the house.. and my willpower is SH*T when I need to stay away from them. So I did have One or Two Three.. They're gone now.. but that doesn't help when the damage is already done.

Goals last week:
1st -  Stay away from condiments this week.
I have successfully avoided condiments this week.. and I didn't actually miss them. P has been very good with it too as he said that he'd been having it way too much on his food. I was never as bad as him.. but its still been good to cut it out.

I cut out all butters/spreads during the week when I would normally have a little on some bread with my soup. I actually dont unerstand why I was having spread on bread that I was dipping in soup.. I didn't taste the difference and it was just extra that I didn't need. So that's gone now too.

2nd - Make a BETTER recipe this week.
I did this one too. I'm on a roll this week. The recipe wasn't 'healthy' as such and I could have made more substitutions for some of the ingredients I used.. but it was the first time that I was making something like this and I didn't want to change out most of the ingredients in case it all went wrong.

Anyway, I didn't even tell you what I made. I made a childhood favourite Jam Roly-Poly and you can find my recipe for it: HERE

Goals next week:
1st - Get up earlier and be more organised.
Last week, I stayed in bed an hour more than usual instead of doing exercise like I was supposed to. So I want to make a goal of GETTING UP when my alarm goes off and not going back to sleep.

I find that when i get up late and still exercise, I am then rushing around afterwards to try and get everything done. So I'll be stopping that this week. I'll be getting up at 6 am.. and either getting stuff prepped and ready and then exercising or vice versa depending on my exercise schedule (as I am NOT going out running when its pitch black, its just dangerous and stupid so I normally wait until 7 when its gotten lighter).

2nd - Keep on top of snacking
I got into a habit of snacking when I went down to the kitchen this weekend. I will be upping my water this week to try and stop me wanting to snack so much. This weekend I'll be travelling to see my parents until Tuesday so there should be very limited snacking then.. so it's mainly just during the week.. but I'm saying the whole week in case things don't go to plan.

Do you ever get days or.. in my case.. a week.. where you just have ZERO motivation to get out of bed in the mornings?
Maybe its just the cold that's getting to me. As I would MUCH rather stay in a warm bed that get out of it and into the cold.

Lets see how these goals see me through to next week!

Until Next Time..

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