Summary Sunday


Workouts this week:
Tuesday -  Yoga (Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown)
Thursday - 3.12 miles
Friday - Kettlebell Workout
Saturday - 5.8 miles
Sunday - 6.17 miles

Not a bad week for exercise. Definitely could be better but I'm just restricted. On a Monday and Tuesday, I've no chance of any exercise in the morning because Phillips' mum and her partner are normally sleeping in and therefore the shower is out of bounds.

There is a bath.. but I HATE baths. I can't remember the last time I had a bath.. always showers. They take too long and I just don't like them so I don't exercise Mondays and Tuesdays because of it.

We're looking at getting a power shower installed in the upstairs bathroom to make it a bath/shower.. but until then.. Nope. Either that or exercise in the afternoons.. and the majority of the time its impossible because there is nowhere in the house to exercise with all rooms occupied.

Food this week:
I don't remember much about my food this week to be honest. I'm not sure if that's a good or a bad thing.  I ate pretty much the same things during the week as I did last week. Snacking has been upped at work because I've had to change my routine to have breakfast before I go to work due to a change in rules(long story) so I'm now hungry before its time for lunch and I can't go that long without something to eat.

Snacking has also been increased at home during the weekend.. I think its because my water has decreased and no longer suppressing my appetite. I just don't want a cold glass of water when its already cold so I'm not really drinking much other than tea.

Goals last week:
1st - Find out and MAKE a healthy recipe this week.
I think I can say that I did this... but it wasn't really a recipe.. and wasn't hard. I made Banana Pancakes. Probably THE easiest recipe EVER. But it counts right?!

2nd - At least manage to kick out the 4 running days this week.
FAAAAAIL. I managed 3 days of running this week on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.
I was supposed to go running on Thursday, but P had a work course and phillips mum's partner was staying over which meant that the shower was out of bounds in the morning so I couldn't run in the morning.

I was going to go running home from work..However.. I severely underestimated how QUICK it would get dark after the clocks went back.. and therefore it was too dangerous to run back in the dark along the river(unlit). Hence why I only did 3 running days this week.

Goals next week:
1st -  Stay away from condiments this week.
Me and P have both agreed that we are going to try and stay away from condiments this week, particularly Tomato Sauce. I'm sure food tastes great without it, we wont have to buy it as often and it will save me a few calories for an extra rice cake ;) I'm also going to try and avoid butter/spreads this week. It's become a habit recently to put some sort of butter/spread on my bread with my soup.. and its not needed and a complete waste of calories.. so I'm cutting that out too.

2nd - Make a BETTER recipe this week.
None of this 2 ingredient stuff.. a proper recipe like breakfast muffins as a snack or something healthy for dessert.

If its good enough and I'm proud of it.. I'll be sure to share it with you on my blog when its done.

So that's it for this week. Its been fairly quiet. Its been very cold.  I'm struggling with a winter wardrobe because everything got too big and needed throwing out.. but Im in the middle of saving for Holiday and something else so Im trying to layer my summer stuff with my leftover winter items.. It's not going so well.

I have some important to me posts.. and maybe interesting to you posts that will be coming to the blog very soon so keep an eye out for them.

Am I the only person that has a problem with drinking COLD drinks when its cold weather? What do you drink other than tea during the cold months?

Let me know, I'd love to hear any suggestions you might have!

Until Next Time!

Laura x

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