What I Ate Wednesday #11


It's What I Ate Wednesday again today and I FINALLY have something different to share with you all.

Me, Phillip, his mum and her partner went to London West End yesterday to watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I thought it was fab, though not as good as others that I've seen.

I had been looking during the day for places to eat, there were a couple of small restaurants around but we eventually settled on Nandos. I've never been to Nandos before so I didn't know what to expect other than I've heard the main part of it is Piri Piri.

I don't know if its the same in all Nando's restaurants but I wasn't expecting having to make our own orders at the desk and get our own cutlery and condements. It wasn't a problem of course, I just haven't been to a restaurant where it operates this way.

so.. lets get onto my full day of eats shall we?

Breakfast: Dorset Porridge Oats with Cacao and Orange Granola
Lunch: Lentil and Bacon Soup
Dinner: Now.. there's no picture for my main because I was so looking forward to eating and I was really hungry that it completely slipped my mind.
So.. I had 1/2 Chicken with Mango and Lime seasoning, Corn on the Cob and Macho Peas.
I loved the chicken with the Mango and Lime, the seasoning was lovely. The corn on the cob wasn't very juicy, I ended up leaving half of it. The Macho peas were great as it was mixed with mint and I LOVE mint sauce.
Dessert: Caramel Swirl Cheesecake - Have I ever mentioned my love for cheesecake? Well, if I haven't, now is when you know. Cheesecake is my ULTIMATE dessert and I reckon that I could live on the stuff. This was yum but it had a weird thick texture to it unlike other cheesecakes that I've had. It did come with a pot of double cream but I didn't have that.
Snacks: a handful of honey and chocolate covered nuts - There's a new place that has opened up in the city centre called Grape Tree that sells loads of different health foods like nuts, dried fruits etc and me and P picked some up this weekend. They're lovely, but I wouldn't say that they were particularly 'health' foods. I can't find the cals info on this or the packaging, but I bet that they're pretty high in calories.

I'm SO bummed that I didn't manage to get a picture of my main dinner which I guess defeats the purpose here of showing you what I ate. FAAAAAIL..

I guess it's back to boring eats from now on, right? ;)

As always, Thanks to Jenn for hosting the linkup for WIAW, click the pic below to head over to her blog and find more WIAW posts!

Ever been to Nandos? Whats your favourite from there?

Until next time, loves!

Laura x

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  1. Oh we saw that rendition of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when we were in London! I loved it but I have never seen it in any other place. The cheesecake looks tasty :)

    1. Yeah, I thought it was really good too. Only ever seen stuff in London too, seen Matilda(best one I've seen so far) and the Bodyguard. I still want to see Wicked and Lion King though. :)


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