What I Ate Wednesday #10


Hello all you lovely people! I hope that your week is great so far!

I'm not having too bad of a week, only busy at work.. More projects than we can handle between the team so were under a bit of pressure.

P and I have spent the afternoon shifting half of the things out of our room. This weekend is gonna be a busy one as we are re-decorating our room and then we are having a new carpet out down next Tuesday. I'm looking forward to not looking at a massive stain on the carpet. :)

Anyway! Enough of that.. Let's get onto the real reason why you probably ventured here!

Without further ado.. Lets see what I ate today!

Breakfast: Dorset Porridge Oats topped with a handful of Food Doctors Cacao and Orange Granola
Lunch: 3 slices of Bread with Tescos Chunky Minestrone Soup.
Dinner: Wholewheat pasta with chicken breast chunks, petis pois and Philadelphia pasta sauce.
Snacks: Natural Yoghurt with Pears, Peach and Pineapple Chunks.
Drinks: A latte from the work coffee machine, a cup of tea, the rest water.

As always.. My breakfast is exactly the same as usual.  

Now with the cold weather coming in.. I've switched over to something that keeps me warm and soup always does that trick. I always think about making my own soup for work but I've never been brave enough to try it. I might do! But for now.. The tesco soup is keeping me going and it's actually really nice.

Dinner is by far one of my favourite meals, quick and easy and fairly healthy and fills me up for ages. The majority of the dish is made up on peas.

Then for snacks, it was the natural yoghurt with fruit slices which is one of my favourite snacks at home. I've successfully stayed away from any sort of chocolate, sweets, cakes and biscuits for 2 weeks and I think it's doing me a lot of good. I'm not missing anything so I may just continue with it with the odd treat here and there.

No more interesting than normal!

A thanks to Jenn for hosting the linkup.. And as always, if you are interested in more posts like this.. Maybe some new breakfast, lunch or dinner ideas.. Then head on over to Jenn's blog to checkout what everyone else has been eating!

Until next time!

Laura x

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