Tuesday Double Weigh In


                             +1.2 lbs                                                 -1.2 lbs
               -13.6 lbs since January 1st.                         -14.8 lbs since January 1st
             -120.6 lbs since starting weight                   -121.8 lbs since starting weight
              Last Weeks Weight: 137.4 lbs                   This Weeks Weight: 136.2 lbs

I know what you're thinking!

Since when do you do weigh-ins on a Tuesday? Good question.. the simple answer is it completely slipped my mind yesterday to post an update and the same the week before.

So in order to keep you completely up to date, I'm doing a double weigh in today with last weeks and this weeks weigh in together.

So, last week I was up 1.2 lbs, I put this purely down to the fact that I had a takeaway just the night before and it was probably water retention.

I didn't weigh again at any point during the week and just waited for this weeks weigh in.

So, I lost the 1.2 lbs that I had gained previously. I'm actually very surprised because if you've already read my summary Sunday post then you'll know that the only exercise I did last week was the usual running over the weekend.

Part of me is a little disappointed that I won't have met my goal to get down to my pre-holiday weight by the end of October. I just seem to be hovering around the same number all the time which makes me think that my body would be happier staying here rather than loosing the last 3 lbs that I wanted.

Depending on my weigh in for next week and whether my weight goes up/down or stays the same, I might just abort the plan of getting back to 133 and start maintenance.. but we never know!

If you're currently maintaining your weight, how did you know when the right time was to go onto maintenance?

Laura x

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