Summary Sunday


Workouts this week:
Saturday - 5.6 miles
Sunday - 6.09 miles

This week sucked for exercise. Monday I usually have off. Tuesday I was in London at the theatre. For some reason.. I really wasn't feeling going for my run and knew it was going to be a rush in the mornings as I had to come into work early. I ended up doing no more exercise until my usual Saturday and Sunday runs.

So yeah, sucked big time.

Food this week:
Food was also pretty sucky this week too. Chocolate managed to sneak back in.. I'm not too sure how.. I probably just wasn't thinking.. And then I just continued having it during the week so no #choctober was a fail now.

Other than eating chocolate, my eating was ok but my snacking has increased. I need to up my water again as i didn't have as much last week which probably made me feel hungry even though I wasn't.

Goals last week:
1st - Find out and MAKE a healthy recipe this week.
I could have done better on this but I did try out banana pancakes on Saturday so I guess that counts, right?! 

2nd - Compliment at least 1 person a day.
Did not do so well on this one. I didn't do it everyday.. I'd say maybe 4/7. Instagram was mainly where this happens. I see so many people that are incredibly motivating and inspirational.

Didn't compliment anyone around me though, there wasn't really any opportunities to do so and there is no point forcing it or it doesn't feel like you've done a good thing.

Goals next week:
1st - Find out and MAKE a healthy recipe this week.
I wanna try this goal again this week and make something better. I've been looking at healthy muffins as we have loads of frozen blackberries that we picked ages ago that need using so I want to make something with them.

2nd - At least manage to kick out the 4 running days this week.
I slacked on exercise last week. I felt ok at the time but feel bad for it now. I want to at least make sure I get in my 4 days of running this week. Anything else is a bonus.

I have my skin removal surgery consultation tomorrow. I'm slightly nervous as to what they might say or suggest and I don't know what to expect. I feel totally unprepared if they offer up any questions to ask because I'm not sure what to ask. I might get in some last minute research.

 I will let you know what happens and what is said.

I hope everyone has had a good weekend. It's been miserable here in the east with the upcoming storm. I hope everyone stays safe!

Laura x

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