Summary Sunday


Workouts this week:
Wednesday -  3.04 miles
Thursday - 30 min Kettlebell Workout
Friday - Heavy lifting of furniture out of the room
Saturday - 6.56 miles - Decorating
Sunday - 6.73 miles - Decorating

Pfft.. So much for a really good workout schedule. Things just come up spur of the moment and it f*cks up my routine. 0/3 Yoga, 1/3 Kettlebell, 3/4 Running.

Better than nothing!

Food this week:
Food has been good. Pretty much the same as last week. No chocolate and sweets etc except for Yesterday. Today was good at first.. but we ended up getting takeout for dinner tonight which wasn't good and will most likely affect my weigh in tomorrow with the sodium I've had.

Goals last week:
1st - Do all of the scheduled workouts, no excuses!
-_-' is all all I can say for this. I've set this twice.. and failed twice.

You've seen my workout schedule this week. Running was 3/4 days.. I did ZERO yoga this week and only 1 Kettlebell workout. HOWEVER!  I did do A LOT of heavy lifting and painting and such this weekend. Although this does not equal out my missed workouts, its still better than if I hadn't have done stuff this weekend.

I just don't think I do well with a fixed routine.. Things come up all the time.. things have to be swapped round. I just don't think it's possible for me to stick to a set workout schedule.

Goals next week:
1st - Find out and MAKE a healthy recipe this week.
Now that I've cut out chocolate, sweets and other junk from my eats, I want to find a healthy alternative that I can make for myself. Particularly for the weekend desserts.

Although I did allow myself to have a dessert on a Saturday and Monday night for Family Night, I still want to make this a healthier option for me and right now it isn't as healthy as I would like.

2nd - Compliment at least 1 person a day.
Although not fitness related.. I have had the experience of compliments a lot lately on my Instagram and it makes me feel so much happier in myself to hear someone else say that I inspire them, motivate them, etc. SO, I want to let someone else have this experience because it is a very good feeling to know that your hard work is paying off.

I would like to compliment at least 1 person per day this week, doesn't matter where, could be Instagram, Facebook, at work.. just make someone else feel good about themselves.

So, its been a week of sporadic workouts, emptying a room and re-decorating.. I've had hardly any time for anything else. I've not had chance to write blogs, I've not had time to read. I'm now going to play catch up! :)

Do you have a workout schedule or are you just a 'workout as you go' type person?

Laura x

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