Summary Sunday


Workouts this week:
Monday - 6.06 miles
Saturday - 3.16 miles running and 20 mins Yoga

Yep. Sucks. I ran home from work to home on Monday as P was on a course for work. The morning after.. I had the worst cold in the world. I didn't feel that great on Monday but I think running without a jacket was a bad idea and made it worse. Therefore I hardly did any exercise this week. I don't know how that is going to affect my weigh-in this week.. we shall see.

You may be wondering why my mileage was low on the weekend compared to my usual 12 miles over the weekend. On Saturday, we went as as usual.. however, P and his Mum were constantly bickering and arguing the whole time we were out and a mile and a half into the run I decided to turn around. They were pissing me off.. Running isn't a time for me to be pissed off. I want to run to enjoy.. not listen to bickering. So I came home.

Today, the weather has taken a turn for the worse... and I have ZERO waterproof clothing or things to keep me warm during the cold and rain.. so I didn't run today. I am however, going out tomorrow to get some waterproof gear for me to run in.. then its no excuse. Probably going to be picking up some new running kicks too so I'm excited!

Food this week:
I think this weeks food has been great again this week. I've managed to stay clear of Chocolate, sweets, cakes and biscuits again this week which I'm pretty proud of.. especially as there has been SO much temptation in the house this week. P's mum bought loads of chocolate biscuits etc and they've been in every cupboard. I'm glad I haven't touched them this week.

I'm finding the more that I stay awake from chocolate and sweets.. the sweetener everything else is becoming. I would normally have 2 sweeteners in my tea.. that's now too sweet and I've cut it down to one.

I used to HATE the taste of porridge on its own and had to have some powdered sweetener in it.. Now I'll have a little or none at all.

So all in all, food has been good this week.

Goals last week:
1st - Do all of the scheduled workouts, no excuses!
I know I said no excuses.. but as you'll have read above, I was sick and therefore hardly did any exercise at all afterwards.


Goals next week:
1st - Do all of the scheduled workouts, no excuses!
This time there really shouldn't be any excuses not to do any of the workouts during the week. I will have to swap some run days around though as I will be running home from work again on Friday whilst P is on a course so I will replace this with my Thursdays run so I am not running for 5 days in a row.

Other than that.. there are literally no excuses that I could possibly use.

So, again this is my only goals this week.

Have you ever cut down or reduced sugar? Did you find that other foods got sweeter or is it just me?

Are you a runner? How often do you got before thinking about replacing your shoes? I've had the same pair since I first started running back in Feb. Pretty sure I've done over 500 miles in them an they're starting to get holes at the toes.

I hope everyone has had a great weekend!

Speak to you tomorrow for weigh-in!

Laura x

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