Summary Sunday


Workouts this week:
Wednesday - 3.17 miles running
Thursday - 3.38 miles running
Friday -  Kettlebell Practice
Saturday - 5.65 miles running

3 days of running this week hasn't been too bad. It would have been 4 days running if it hadn't been for my damn period. I'm on the rod.. so typically I'm not used to having any sort of periods usually. For some reason, its SO bad these last couple of days and SOOO uncomfortable.

Food this week:
Food has actually been GREAT this week. I have avoided all chocolate, sweets, cakes and biscuits. I've had fruit when I've needed something to snack on but I actually haven't been snacking very often. I've been drinking tonnes of water and I'm not hungry like I used to be.

Goals last week:
1st - Make a decision on what exercise routine/schedule I am going to be following before next week. 
Yes, I made a decision on my workout schedule and it can be seen below:
Running 4 times a week, Yoga and Kettlebells 3 times per week.

I have done my running 3 times this week and 1 day of Kettlebells, however, I discovered that the kettlebell I bought is SLIIIIGHTLY too heavy for me and Im waiting for a lighter one to arrive.

I also haven't started Yoga yet as I've been looking for some good videos to follow to get me sorted. My playlist is all ready and I will be starting it as of tomorrow.

2nd - Start Choctober from the beginning of the month.
Like I mentioned in my food section. I've had ZERO chocolate, cakes, sweets or biscuits this week and its been great. I haven't missed it all that much tbh.

Goals next week:

1st - Do all of the scheduled workouts, no excuses!

I want to make sure that the above exercise routine that I have set is good for me and in the right order that I want it to be in. Running days will not change as I have always run on these days. however, yoga and Kettlebell workouts may need to be shifted around. I don't care if the days move around but I should be aiming to do all of the workouts.

I'm just going to stick with this one goal this week. Its the only thing that needs some improvement. My eating and water drinking has been on point this week.. the only thing that needs to follow is my exercise and I should be well on my way!

How has your first week of October been? Did you set any goals? How are they coming along?

Until next time!

Laura x

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