Monday Weigh In


- 1.2 lbs
-14.8 lbs since January 1st.
-121.8 lbs since starting weight.

Current Weight: 136.2

So another good loss this week. I wasn't expecting any loss at all this week as I only exercised twice last week and it wasn't event  that much.

It MUST be the healthier eating that I'm doing. My calories haven't been any lower than usual. If anything I have been eating over my calories this week.

I've gone 13 full days without any chocolate, sweets, cakes or biscuits even though there is plenty of temptation in the house. I haven't even been interested in them.

Who knows, I may continue with the #nochoctober after this month is out.. other than maybe an odd piece here and there if I really feel like it. But like I said, I haven't actually wanted any so I will probably just stay away from it permanently. It seems to be doing me some good at the moment.

So, that's it for this weeks weigh in. I hope for at least the same sort of loss next week. I'm no longer sick so I should be able to increase my exercise which should actually result in a bigger loss as long as I stick to my eating habits.

We shall see what happens!

I hope everyone is having a great Monday Morning.. or at least as good as it can be for the beginning of the week.

Until next time..

Laura x

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