Monday Weigh In


+ 5 lbs
-12.2 lbs since January 1st.
-119.2 lbs since starting weight.

Current Weight: 138.8 lbs

So, I gained 5 lbs during the 2 weeks that I was away on holiday.. and to be honest, I'm pretty happy with that.

Last year when I went on holiday, I gained almost a stone, so I'm happy to have only gained 5 lbs this holiday.

I'm sure that the weight will come back off quite quickly, its probably mostly water weight. I'm back to healthier eating now.

I've been told several times recently that I probably shouldn't lose more weight as I will start to look gauntly. Its kinda getting old.. but the more people that mention it, the more worried I get about how I do look to other people.

I've also been told by several people that the 5 lbs that I have gained has made me look healthier too.. but I deffo think that's BS. I think the TAN that I have got has probably made me look healthier. Not the 5 lbs I gained over the two weeks. I doubt its even that noticeable tbh.

I cant remember whether or not a mentioned this in my previous post, but I will be moving to maintenance once I get back down to my previous holiday weight and concentrate on gaining some muscle and getting toned up in areas that are sagging slightly.

Hopefully I will be able to get on to maintenance pretty soon once I shift the holiday gain.

Speak to you all soon!

Have you any tips for gradually going into maintenance?

Laura x

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