Where have you been?


OK, so first off, apologies for being absent on the blogging front, I have been MAJOR busy since last weekend.

I traveled up to my parents for the Bank Holiday weekend, it was lovely, I enjoyed every minute I spent with them.

It COMPLETELY blanked my mind to do my Summary Sunday Post. I traveled back home on Monday afternoon. It was too late to weigh in so I ended up missing Monday Weigh In too.

I did weigh in on the Tuesday however, I was up almost 4 lbs to 138.2 lbs.

I hadn't exercised on the weekend like I thought I would. I took my running gear with me and didn't even touch it. I ate WAY too much bread over the weekend, which I think was the reason for my gain. I hardly eat bread.. so having loads of it over the weekend probably shocked my body a bit.

I weighed in this morning, I'm down by about ~2.5 lbs, I'm 135.6 currently. That's good considering I've done ONE day of exercise this week.

I was just NOT feeling my workouts at all this week. I said I was going to give it the final push for the holiday and that certainly didn't happen.

I haven't run at all in about 2 weeks. A woman got attacked along one of our running routes and it completely put me off running by myself during the week.

I am however going to make sure that I get my arse out of the door Sat and Sun for running with Phillip and his Mum.

On top of this, I've been SUPER stressed trying to order and get everything sorted for my upcoming holiday starting next week. I think I'm finally sorted with getting everything that I need.

So yeah, that's where I've been all this time.

I have made some scheduled posts that will go up during the holiday. Depending on whether or not we can get internet connection will depend on whether you see other posts such as WIAW and Summaries for the week.

I definitely wont be putting up any weigh in posts up.. unless the hotel rooms have scales, which I hope they don't.

I will still be exercising whilst on holiday. They have a newly refurbished gym there so that should be nice. I may even take along my T25 workouts, it just depends. I will probably just stick to the gym.

So that's it. Again, Sorry for the absence. I promise not to do it again.

Speak to you soon!

Laura x

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