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Edited: This post was supposed to go up yesterday and I had it scheduled but for some reason it didn't submit itself so I've had submit it this morning. :(

Monday - Focus T25 Week 2 Day 1 - Cardio
Tuesday - Focus T25 Week 2 Day 2 - Total Body Circuit
Wednesday - Focus T25 Week 2 Day 3 - Speed 1.0
Thursday - 2.97 mile run & Focus T25 Week 1 Day 4 - Cardio
Friday - Focus T25 Week 2 Day 5 - Double Workout Friday - Lower Focus & Ab Intervals
Saturday - 6.16 mile run
Sunday - 6.04 mile run & Focus T25 Week 2 - Stretch Day!

Not AS usual this week, I missed one run this week on Wednesday. I really just couldn't be bothered getting up to run.. I was feeling really tired and run down and think I needed the extra sleep. I did my normal Weekend runs though.

I also continued on to the second week of T25. Its going well. Apart from Friday where I had a breakdown on the living room floor. I got incredibly frustrated and not being able to do some of the moves and then had a paddy on the floor(I did pause the workout and resume once I'd had my 5 minute hissy fit ;) )

Food has been better this week. I haven't eaten anything out of the ordinary, compared to last week, my weekend eats were far better and I didn't have as many snacks as I normally do, so that's a good thing.

I went for our team lunch this week. I made a healthy meal choice but then that got de-railed when I was told to get a dessert because it was cheaper to combine than just the meal. So, it ended up being a not-so-healthy meal out.

The rest of the weeks eats were pretty good though, there were no severe un-healthy choices other than a bit of cake at the end of the week, but I usually have something like this on the weekend anyway so It wouldn't affect me that much.

Goals for Last Week:

1) Try to make myself busier on the weekends, reduce the amount of snacking.

2) Pre-write blog posts for the next week..

3) Drink More Water

I think its safe to say that I accomplished my goals this week. I went shopping over the weekends which reduced the amount of time that I spent in the house. I didn't snack half as much as I did last weekend so I'm happy with that.

I did pre-write some blog posts, but I haven't decided when I am going to put them up yet, it will probably be one a week rather than bombarding you all with more posts than usual. I will probably do them on a Friday so there is a day break in between each post that I put up.

As you can tell from the edit at the beginning of the post, I had already written and scheduled this post for yesterday but unfortunately it didn't actually go up. :/

My water intake has been better this week, I haven't been drinking straight up water as I hate it (I could probably get used to it, but for the moment, I avoid it. Instead I've been drinking cordial and tea which has been getting my daily water in. I still haven't cracked drinking water before and after my workout.. I sometimes forget, but its getting better.

Goals for Next Week:

1) Focus on the foods that I am eating this week. Try to make healthy choices.

I'm going up North to see my parents for the bank holiday weekend and I normally opt for convenience foods but I will be going on my own without Phillip and I will try to make healthier choices whilst I am there.


Well that's it for this week, I think its gone pretty well overall, not many stumbles during the week so that's good. Just got to be consistent and do the same for this week.

I'm currently in the middle of building up my FAQ page, so rather than asking you a question this week, why don't you leave me a question below of anything that you might like to know about my weight loss below.

Laura x

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