Monday Weigh In


+0.4 lb
-14.8 lbs since January 1st.
-121.8 lbs since starting weight.

Current Weight: 136.2 lbs

Aaaaand back up again. 
I feel like a Yo-Yo

Weight is constantly fluctuating around the same point and has done for the last couple of weeks. Never below 135 but always under about 137 ish.

I'm not going to focus on the scales anymore and just focus on how I feel and the changes in my body shape. The more I focus on the number, the more I want to give up. 

It should be a good thing not focusing on the number anymore. I will still weigh in like I normally do on a Monday though just to keep track.

Well I won't let it put a downer on the rest of my day. Happy Monday, Everyone!

Laura x

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