What I Ate Wednesday #3


Breakfast (9:30 am):

New York Bakery Co - Blueberry Bagel

2 Tbsp Tesco - Reduced Sugar Strawberry Jam

Cup of Yorkshire Tea with 1 Sweetener and a bit of Semi Skimmed Milk.

Cals: 295

Snack (11 am-12:30 pm):

Graze - Garden of England - mini strawberries, blackcurrants and apple

Cals: 70

Lunch (12:30-1:30 pm):
Heinz - Salad Cream With Lemon & Black Pepper
Tesco - Salad Crisp Sweet & Crunchy Salad
John West - Tuna In Spring Water
Warburtons - Square(ish) Wraps

Weight Watchers - Apricot Layered Yoghurt

Cals: 380

Snack (3pm):

Jodans Red Berry Bar

Cals: 112

Dinner (6 pm):
3 Egg Omlette
Tesco Light Choices Potato Salad
Tesco Light Choices Coleslaw

Cals: 354

Snack (7:30-8:30 pm):

Muller Fruit Corner - Peach and Apricot

Cals: 164

Total Cals For The Day: 1400

I would say that this days food was pretty healthy, nothing majorly bad. I've been eating similar to this during the week and I hope I can keep it up without slipping for the rest of the week.

The wraps were ridiculously good and I think I'm going to keep having them but maybe vary the filling sometimes so I don't get bored of tuna.. although I don't think that's likely.

You can also join in by sharing your What I Ate Wednesday eats.

Laura x

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