Summary Sunday


Monday - Blogilates Beginners Calendar - Day 22
Tuesday - Blogilates Beginners Calendar - Day 23
Wednesday - 3.08 + Blogilates Beginners Calendar - Day 24
Thursday - 3.03 miles + Blogilates Beginners Calendar - Day 25
Friday - Blogilates Beginners Calendar - Day 26
Saturday - 6.34 miles + Blogilates Beginners Calendar - Day 27
Sunday - 6.23 miles

Consistent exercise again this week. I'm happy with the amount of exercise that I've been doing. I've finished the Blogilates calendar and I'm now debating whether or not I try to do the new august calendar when it comes out.. or to take the plunge and start Focus T25. My boyfriend is currently doing it.. I'll keep you updated.

I think my food has been on point or at least what I would call on point. I've been having a fairly healthy breakfast, graze box for snacks. I've been making tuna wraps at work during the week which were lovely. Dinner at home hasn't been bad either. So a pretty good week for eating.

Goals from Last Week:
1) Make healthier food choices throughout the week.
2) Stay Hydrated.

I'm gonna say that I think I smashed the goal this week. My eating has been pretty good. I haven't had anything crazy apart from 2 pieces of fudge this weekend.

I've been drinking my water. Been trying to have a glass before workouts, after workouts and before meals.. and obviously at work.. so its been pretty good.

Goals for this Week:

1) Keep your eye on the prize.
I've been very pessimistic this week.. I'm not looking forward to weigh in tomorrow. I weighed in last week with a gain of 2 lbs.. weighed in again mid week as I had eaten loads that weekend and thought it was water weight. Turns out I was right, dropped the 2 lbs and was back down to the same weight as the week before.. but I'm just not looking forward to seeing maintenance or gain on the scales.

That.. and the fact that measurements day is coming up on Thursday and I'm pessimistic about that too. I don't think I changed enough in my diet for me to lose anything this month.. and that will make it 3 months in a row of nothing. I'm not sure how I'm going to handle it. I guess we will see.

So that's all for this week. I just need to stay focused and not get down based on results. Try to stay positive.

I hope everyone made the most of the summery weather in the UK! Its now incredibly humid and the storms are incoming. :(

How do you stay positive when you don't get the results you want?
What are your plans for this week?

Laura x

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