Summary Sunday


Monday - Blogilates Beginner Calendar - Day 1
Tuesday - Blogilates Beginner Calendar - Day 2
Wednesday - 2.62 miles + 
Blogilates Beginner Calendar - Day 3
Thursday - 3.54 miles + Blogilates Beginner Calendar - Day 4
Friday - Blogilates Beginner Calendar - Day 5
Saturday - 6.08 miles + Lots of walking in Gt Yarmouth
Sunday -  6.64 miles + Blogilates Beginner Calendar - Day 1

Exercise has been great this week. 4 days running and 6 days doing the Blogilates workouts. I think thats pretty good for the week. Hopefully this affect my weight loss in a good way.

I honestly don't remember my food too much this week. But from what I can remember, its been fairly good except for Saturday when I went to Gt Yarmouth and had Fish and Chips and Ice Cream.. but I also did a lot of walking..

Goals Set for Last Week:

1) Start the Blogilates Beginner Calendar and do everything assigned.
I've stuck to this goal all week no problems. In fact.. I'm really enjoying the Blogilates workouts and I've been doing extra videos on some days so this has gone well.

Goals for Next Week:
So... My goal for next week..

1)Try not to have any extra sweets than what is needed.
The goal probably doesn't explain this very well.. but its pretty evident that I have a sweet tooth.. and it needs to be seen to on occasion.

I want to cut out any unnecessary treats.. including biscuits.. sweets etc from my diet this week. I can still have my Graze box and my regular desserts that I have at the family dinners on Mondays and Saturdays.. but no sweets from Tescos.. or biscuits from the tin.

This one is a pretty big goal for me and will be hard for me to achieve so I want to focus on this, therefore there wont be anymore goals for this week.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Sunday.. The weather has been glorious here in the UK and I got a little sun burnt.. Oops..

Do you have a sweet tooth? How do you deal with it without giving in completely?

Laura x

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