Summary Sunday.. A Day Late.. ;)


Monday - Blogilates Beginner Calendar - Day 15
Tuesday - Blogilates Beginner Calendar - Day 16
Wednesday - 3.52 miles + 
Blogilates Beginner Calendar - Day 17
Thursday - 3.04 miles + Blogilates Beginner Calendar - Day 18
Friday - Blogilates Beginner Calendar - Day 19
Saturday - 
Blogilates Beginner Calendar - Day 19 + 5.67 miles + long walk into town
Sunday -  5 miles National Lottery Anniversary Run + Lots of Walking around London.

Exercise has been good this week again. Shame my eating sucks so much. Worked out everyday this week.


Only one word for this... BAD.

I had several BBQs this week. I had a takeaway, I had desserts. I'm not going to make excuses. I just had a bad week food wise.

1) Focus on... and if need be, plan for this weekends eats.
Goals Set for Last Week:


I did not plan.. in fact, things went downhill on Friday. We went to Costa. I wasn't hungry until late. We had late takeaway. We had BBQ on Saturday and Sunday. Need I say more..

Goals for Next Week:
So... My goal for next week..

1) Make healthier food choices throughout the week.

I will try my best to make healthier choices this week. If for any reason I cannot make healthier choices.. such as someone cooking for me.. Just limit portions. I was going nuts with the BBQ food.. just reduce portion sizes. This should be trivial stuff.

2) Stay Hydrated.
Its HOT and I don't think I'm drinking enough. I've eaten a lot and water will probably help to flush everything out. Water Water WATER.

Its been a while since I've had more than one goal for the week. I hope to achieve both of them this week.

Next on my agenda is writing my Race Recap for the National Lottery Run I did yesterday so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Enjoy the sunshine whilst it lasts!

How do you deal with situations where you don't cook for yourself? How do you NOT go nuts at a BBQ?

Laura x

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