Measurements for June


2 Months.. No movement on the tape measure.


I've taken progress pictures. There is SLIGHT difference.. but not enough for me to jump up and down screaming.

I'm unhappy and I don't want to beat myself up... but 2 months is a more than adequate time to make a difference.. and I've done sod all.

Its definitely the eating and not the exercise. I'm doing plenty of exercise. I'm just clearly eating the wrong foods.

80% Diet... 20% Exercise... and all that jazz..

I'm not going to go on. I want to put the measurements behind me and move on. Stay positive.

I am going to clean up my eating, eliminate foods I don't ACTUALLY need. Hopefully it helps.

My sweet tooth is definitely my weakness. :/

What do you do to help with cravings or a sweet tooth?

Laura x

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