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Sorry that I still haven't been fully on board with the whole blogging thing recently. Im going to be writing up some posts that will be scheduled for my post tomorrow so you can look forward to a few more posts from me.

Today, the boyfriend and I took a trip to Great Yarmouth to take advantage of the warmer weather. The weather was glorious so I wore a summery dress... although I knew this would backfire... as I got back and I've got the worst tan lines in the world..

My dress was cut in a V at the front and back so now I have a V tan at the back and the front. -_-' FAAAIL.

Anyway, onto the main topic for this post. The beach was MAAJOR busy, loads of people sunbathing, playing football, volleyball.

We were walking along the pier and there were a group of lads walking behind us. They were making some really stupid noises and laughing... and for some reason.. I got REALLY paranoid and self-conscious.

I've had this happen countless times before whilst I was out when I was at a higher weight.. people would make fun, laugh and make noises when I walked by... and I thought this was happening today.

Turns out... It wasn't about me... or anyone else for that matter.. the lads were just enjoying themselves.

I think I'd just gotten so used to people making noises that I just assumed that they were still doing it... but it would be silly to think that.. I looked just like everyone else there.. there's no reason for them to poke fun.

I need to learn to relax a little more when I'm out.. especially in busier places..

I need to boost my confidence a little.. somehow..

How did you spend your Saturday in the lovely summer sun? Get up to anything interesting? Or working on your dodgy tan lines like me?  ;)

Laura x

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