Summary Sunday


Monday - Squat and Ab Challenge - 60 Squats, 23 Sit-ups, 7 Crunches, 12 Kneeling Push-ups, 15 sec Plank
Tuesday - 3.5 miles running
Wednesday - Squat and Ab Challenge - 70 Squats, 27 Sit-ups, 10 Crunches, 14 Kneeling Push-ups, 20 sec Plank
Thursday - 3.5 miles running, Squat and Ab Challenge - 75 Squats, 30 Sit-ups, 15 Crunches, 16 Kneeling Push-ups, 25 sec Plank
Friday - Squat and Ab Challenge - 80 Squats, 34 Sit-ups, 20 Crunches, 17 Kneeling Push-ups, 28 sec Plank
Saturday - 7.1 miles running, Squat and Ab Challenge - 100 Squats, 36 Sit-ups, 29 Crunches, 19 Kneeling Push-ups, 30 sec Plank
Sunday -  6.2 miles

Good Week for Exercise, Didn't have a rest day. Obviously didn't run everyday this week but my Squat/Ab challenge is keeping me occupied for a bit of extra exercise during the week.

Good at the beginning of the week, slacking slightly towards the end.. Biscuits were in the fridge.. I found myself constantly taking one when I was anywhere near downstairs or the fridge, really bad. Restricted myself today.

Hopefully it doesn't affect my weight too much this week.

Goals Set for Last Week:
1)  Stick with the 2 Challenges that I have going, No excuses, even if you're sore!

2) Water, Water, Water!

Done and DONE!

I'm pretty happy with achieving my goals this week. I have stuck to the challenges that I have going on. I actually look forward to being able to push myself through them.

Water was great this week. Tried to make sure I had a glass of water at my desk at all times to drink. It worked well, I drunk a fair bit of water this week.

Happy Happy   *\o/* < my own little cheerleader ;)

Goals for Next Week:

1) Stay AWAY from Biscuit and Sweets. 

I went a little nuts with biscuit and sweets towards the end of this week. I want to try to avoid them at all costs for this week. I get my Graze Box as usual this week and breakfast bars at work, but nothing else during work or after work.

What do you snack on when you get a craving for sugar/sweet treats?

Laura x

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