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Sorry for the lack of posts this week. I've just been extremely busy and haven't had time to write posts here but I will have it under control as of next week.

Monday - Squat and Ab Challenge - 150 squats, 60 situps, 92 crunches, 60 sec plank, 29 pushups
Tuesday - Squat and Ab Challenge - 155 squats, 64 situps, 101 crunches, 65sec plank, 32 pushups
Wednesday - 4.1 miles & Squat and Ab Challenge - 160 Squats, 67 Sit-ups, 110 Crunches, 32 Kneeling Push-ups, 70 sec Plank
Thursday - 3.17 miles running
Friday - Squat and Ab Challenge - 180 squats, 74 situps, 128 crunches, 80sec plank, 38 pushups
Saturday - 6 miles running & Squat and Ab Challenge - 185 Squats, 77 Sit-ups, 137 Crunches, 40 Kneeling Push-ups, 85 sec Plank
Sunday -  6.2 miles & Squat and Ab Challenge - 190 Squats, 80 Sit-ups, 146 Crunches, 43 Kneeling Push-ups, 90 sec Plank

The Squat and Ab challenge is making my exercise diary look pretty good throughout the week. I only have 7 days left on the challenge but I'm not sure what I'm gonna do next.

Food.. and in particular, snacking, has been great this week. I've stuck to my Graze Box during the week at work and I have been eating lots more fruit instead of other snacking items which is really good. I did go to a team lunch this week but I made healthier choices than I would have done 2 years ago so I'm happy with myself.. and why not have a treat?!

Goals Set for Last Week:
1) Run at least twice through Mon-Fri
Yep, did it this week. Ran extra on Wednesday and Thursday and I think I will stick to these days for running every week.

2) Stretch, Stretch, Stretch!
I made sure to stretch for at least 10 minutes after my long runs on Saturday and Today, I got in at least a 5-10 minute stretch after my shorter runs on Wednesday. It felt good to stretch after the runs but my hamstring at the back of my knee is still causing me some discomfort.

Goals for Next Week:
1)Pay more attention to my blog/social media accounts
I know this isn't fitness related but it is related to this blog so I guess that counts for something.

I can't think of any fitness goals at this current moment in time other than to finish the Squat and Ab challenge but I'm doing that anyway so its not really a goal.

Anyway... Pay more attention to this blog. Like I mentioned at the beginning of this post.. I didn't have time to write some blog posts and therefore it just sat at the back.

I need to make more time, I COULD have posted something if I managed my time better. I want to come up with some new post ideas for my blog and try to improve and expand on my social media platforms. I'm thinking of making a Facebook page for my blog but I'm not entirely sure. I'll keep you posted.

Well, that's it for this week.  Look forward to some more activity from me this week! :)

Laura x

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