Summary Sunday


Monday - 10.2 miles
Tuesday - REST
Wednesday - REST
Thursday - REST
Friday - 4.18 miles
Saturday - 4.5 miles
Sunday -  5.57 miles

Did NOT expect to be running 10.2 on Monday.. I should have seen it coming. Bank Holiday.. Phillips mum didnt have work so she had longer to spend running.. It was hot.. and I didn't take water with me.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday was running with the dog as I have to run her whilst Phillips Mum is on holiday.

So not a bad week exercise wise.

Not too Shabby. Been out to eat at Chiquito's this week. Me and Philip hadn't been out by ourselves together in ages so we went for a meal and went to the Cinema to watch Fast and Furious 6. Other than that day, the rest of the weeks food was good. Towards the end of the week we were eating healthier with more veggies.

Goals Set for Last Week:
1)  Look into Beginners Yoga.

I've already downloaded some apps for Yoga and I'm subbed to some Yoga channels, I haven't tried it yet but I will get round to it at some point!

2) Don't fret too much about exercise this week, Focus on food choices.

I think I've done pretty well with exercise this week. 4 days of running is better than nothing! I've been doing the 30 day squat and ab challenge this month too.

The food part of this goal.. not so good but I've explained that part already.

Goals for Next Week:

1)  Stick with the 2 Challenges that I have going, No excuses, even if you're sore!

I've started 2 new challenges for the month of June, You may have seen them in my previous post, the Squat Challenge and the Abs challenge. I've been SO sore these past couple of days with starting the challenges and using muscles I'm not used to using.. I don't want to use the soreness as an excuse. I need to carry on with the Challenge and only take my rest on the days I've already selected.

2) Water, Water, Water!

This one crops up all the time but I need this now more than ever. I need to keep myself hydrated. The weather has been hot the last couple of days, its supposed to continue over the next week. My sore muscles could do with some extra water.

That's it for this week. Lets do this!

Do you ever have trouble getting in your daily water? What tips do you have for getting more water in throughout the day?

Laura x

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