Running Etiquette: Safety First


So, as all of you know by now. I'm not an expert runner, I've only been running for maybe a year tops and only seriously started running in February.

Whether you're running on trails, in your local park or on the roads, there are basic rules that every runner should follow to not only make your run safe and enjoyable but everyone else's too.

I'm going to make this a two part-er so keep your eyes peeled for the next post

Without further ado..
1) Run Against Oncoming Traffic...
So you can see and be seen by oncoming traffic. Obviously, the side of the road you run out is dependent on what country you live in, but for the people in the UK, oncoming traffic will always be the right hand side of the road.

The only exception to this rule will be on a blind corner. If you cannot see round the curve, neither can drivers. Before you approach the bend in the road, cross over to the left hand side(or the other way round depending on country) and when the road straightens back out, cross back over to the opposite side.

2) Be sensible about your headphones...
If you MUST run with earphones, do NOT wear both. Its just common sense. How are you supposed to hear if there is traffic around you with music blasting in your ears? Will you enjoy the fright of a runner coming up behind you, even when they've shouted out to let you know they are there?

I have never done this personally but I have seen this happen when I've been on my runs before. Its just silly. Be safe. Run with just one earphone in or without them completely.

3) Running in the dark? Make yourself visible...
So far, I haven't had the pleasant experience of running when its dark out but I will do shortly. I will be making sure to order a reflective vest for when I start running on dark mornings or at night. Again, common sense.. but if you're wearing all black running gear at night.. cars will not see you.

4) Run with others...
Running with others is a great way to keep you motivated.. but its also much safer. Two people running is better than one and attackers are less likely to strike. Don't have someone to run with? Maybe start running with your dog.

5) If you have no choice but to run on your own...
If you don't have a running partner, or a dog.. make sure you take extra precaution when running.
Alter your route.. Running the same route day in, day out, makes you an easy target. Swap your route up. Running the same route also tends to make you more comfortable and less aware.

Tell someone where you are going and what time you will be back.. Let someone know you will be going on a run, where about's you'll be running and how long you plan on being out especially at night.

Any of the running safety rules that you're guilty of not doing?

PLEASE bare in mind the rules when you're running next. BE SAFE.

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  1. I would add that anytime you're walking or standing near a road that you don't stand on the edge of the curb, and get back a yard or two. It is foolish to believe that cars will always stay on the road.


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