Running Etiquette: Be a Considerate Runner


Welcome to part two of my Running Etiquette rules, If you haven't seen my first post on safety during a run, you can check that out HERE. This post is about the rules for when you're out running, wherever you might be running... Rules to make you a more considerate runner and to help both yours and others runs more enjoyable.
So.. Lets start..
1) Acknowledge your fellow runners...
I know everyone may not agree with this.. but it takes no more energy giving your fellow passing runners a nod, a smile.. or even a quick 'morning' or 'evening'. Its just polite.

2)  Share the path, people!
This one REALLY narks me when other runners are coming towards you in the MIDDLE of the path and I have to dodge them. Stick to the left hand side of the path when running, then you'll never have this problem. Its even worse when there are runners with dogs who take up the WHOLE path and don't bother to move off or away and expect you to move onto the road with flowing traffic. STUPID.

3) Make others aware of your presence...
If you're approaching someone that is running in the same direction as you.. make them aware of your presence, make a noise, a cough.. anything that will let them know that someone is behind them.. Do NOT do this when you are right behind them.. otherwise you'll startle them.

If the runner is wearing headphones and won't be able to hear you, give yourself a wide passing area as to not startle them, pass as though you would if cars were passing and pick up your pace so you're not stuck next to them for a lengthy amount of time.

4) Running Talk...
It is OK to talk about running, especially with people who share common interests, sharing your running feats with family.. However, don't brag about it.. Don't go on about it. My boyfriend is a culprit of this. He is constantly going on about how fast he runs and how far he runs. It bugs the hell out of me because I wish I could do the miles and times he does.. I just can't.. or at least not right now.

No matter if you run 1 mile, 10 miles or 20 miles+, we're all runners. Just keep it in mind.

So that's it for my Running Etiquette rules.. If you missed out on my other post, you can find it HERE.

Do you have any other Running Etiquette rules that you like to stick by when running?

Let me know!

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