Lunch Dilemma


I'm getting PISSED with Tesco's.

They are CONSTANTLY moving stuff around in their stores, products I usually find easily are taking an age to locate when they are on the same isle.

Now.. this may not be Tesco's fault, but I'm having to constantly swap out my lunch choices because I can't find the items I normally have.

I discovered the Warburtons Brown Sandwich Thins. They were amazing, I had them everyday with different sandwich fillings.  Two week ago, I go into Tesco's to get the same Sandwich Thins.. and they'd disappeared. I couldn't find them anywhere. Only the white thins were available and I've never been keen on white bread so I didn't buy them.

So, I had to change my options.. I discovered the Warburtons Brown Square Wraps.. Again, I fell in love, I had different fillings, they were thick wraps and I only needed one of them for lunch to fill me up.

Now THEY have disappeared. Can't find them anywhere. Maybe this isn't Tesco's fault.. Maybe Warburtons don't make them anymore.

So since I enjoyed the wraps, I just bought some Weight Watchers Wraps. They aren't the same. I've had them twice now, today and yesterday and they wen't all soggy and horrible, they were too small meaning I needed at least two to fill me up.

I don't fancy having them again.. so whilst I was stocking up on more lunch things for Phillip's lunch.. I picked up some stuff for mine.

I got some Ryvita Crispbreads and followed their picture instruction. I'm gonna have them with Philadelphia Cheese, some slices of ham and some baby plum tomatoes.

HOPEFULLY, fourth time lucky. I'm hoping I like the Ryvita Crispbreads as they look good and are low in calories. I'll have to let you know!

Anyone got any ideas for Lunch? What do you eat for lunch? 

I'd really love some suggestions to swap things out every so often.

Laura x

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