June Challenges


I've seen challenges on MFP and on some of the blogs that I have been reading but never actually done them.

I figured if I agreed to do the challenge on a public forum where my MFP friends could see.. then It would keep me accountable and keep me doing the challenges.

I'm doing both the 30 Day Squat Challenge and the 30 Day Ab Challenge.

Because the two are normally run separately, I combined the calendars myself.

Here's a snap shot of what I created:

The pictures at the top are of the calendar are from Google. I figured they would help me make sure that I have proper form when I'm doing my exercises.

I'm interested to see the results from these challenges and whether they make any difference. I'm NOT looking forward to the last few days of the challenges. Have you SEEN the reps that need to be done on the last few days?!

My day 1 is completed for today!

If you want to join in the challenge with me, feel free to use the calendar here and let me know if you join along!

Laura x

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