Happy National Running Day!


I haven't been a runner for very long. I've only recently picked up my running within the last year. Before last year, I didn't run enough to class myself as a runner.

I didn't actually know about it until today when I was reading Twitter and Blogs.

National Running Day happens annually on the first Wednesday of June. It is a time for all runners to declare their love for running no matter whether you've been running 20 years or just 1 year like me.

Its also a time to share why we run.

I run for many reasons..
to keep me fit and healthy,
to eat,
to relieve stress,

but most of all...

The reasons for running are endless!

I'm HOPING that I will be going out running tonight. However, there is a possibility that I can't because I've had serious stomach cramps all day stopping me from doing anything! :( Makes me sad!

Why do you run?

Laura x

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