Half Way There!


So.. I'm half way through the Squat an Ab Challenge that I'm doing for the month of June. If you didn't see my post from the beginning of the month, I do Squats, Sit-ups, Crunches, Push-ups and a plank everyday for the month of June. Each day the reps increase.

It's been tough. Really tough because I'm constantly upping the amount of reps I do, it never really gets easier. It gets a sweat on...

Sweaty.. Red.. Out of Breath.. 
The above picture is from Day 15.. 130 Squats, 57 Sit-ups, 83 Crunches, 55 sec Plank and 27 Push-ups.

I can tell that my strength is getting better. on one day it's hard.. and then it wont be as hard doing the same amount the next day until I start doing more reps than I did  before.. if that even makes sense to you.. haha

I'm hoping that my form is OK with the exercises that I'm doing. I've youtubed videos for form on all of them and I think I'm doing OK with them but I can't be sure and I can't see myself doing them.

I can't say I tell much difference in terms of body shape.. but I did take pictures at the beginning of the month and I will take them at the end to compare. Same with measurements. I'm hoping there's a difference.. I guess we'll see at the end of the month.

So.. I think that's all I have to mention. Bring on the last half of the Challenge!

How do you check to make sure that you're using the correct form during your exercises?

Let me know!

Laura x

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