What’s in my Graze Box? Week 4


Hi guys and girls.. its time for My graze box for week 4. I've swapped it up slightly because I kept forgetting to take pictures of my Punnets before I dug in.. so all pictures are courtesy of Graze's website.

So first off at the beginning of the week I had:

Twist of Black Pepper Popcorn
Black Pepper PopcornPer Punnet: 125cals, 12g Carbs, 0g Sugar, 2g Protein, 7g Fat, 3g Sat Fat, 4g Fibre and 485mg of Sodium

This was so fun to make! I made it during work and everyone in the office was complaining that they wanted popcorn after I filled the office with Popcorn Aroma.

The popcorn was delicious and I think it tasted better than any popcorn that I have had at the cinema, I’d be quite exited to try the sweet version of this!

The bag that you get for the popcorn was a pretty decent size, I was surprised at how much was in the bag.

I think I didn't cook mine enough, there were a lot of left over corns at the bottom of the bag that hadn't popped but I guess its just trial and error. I didn't want to burn and ruin them.

Brooklyn Bites

Per Punnet: 150cals, 10g Carbs, 1g Sugar, 5g Protein, 11g Fat, 2g Sat Fat, 1g Fibre and 515mg of Sodium

This was pretty good! The BBQ pumpkin seeds were delicious! Tasted exactly like smoky bacon crisps.

I've never had pretzels before so I had NO idea what they tasted like before I had them. They were good, but like I said, I didn't know what to expect beforehand.

The Cheese Cashews were lovely too. Very cheesy but not overpowering. A nice addition to the Pumpkin Seeds and Pretzels.. I liked this one!

Summer Berry Flapjack
Per Punnet: 236cals, 31Carbs, 17g Sugar, 3g Protein, 11g Fat, 4g Sat Fat, 2g Fibre and 1688mg of Sodium

As with the last flapjack that I had, this one was no different. Except.. I had to share this. :(

My boyfriend and I went away for the weekend to my parents, he forgot his own Graze Box and I promised to let him try to flapjack.

The flapjack was REALLY good. It was chewy just as you would expect a flapjack to be and the Berries in the flapjack were great and had good flavors. My boyfriend agreed, he really liked them.

Last.. but not least..

Salsa Fresca
Per Punnet: 51cals, 10Carbs, 2g Sugar, 0.9g Protein, 0.8g Fat, 0.4g Sat Fat, 0g Fibre and 350mg of Sodium

This was lovely, the combination of the Cheesey crisps with the salsa tasted like a guilt free, smaller version of Doritos and Salsa dip!

It was heavenly. I absolutely love salsa and this was a-may-zing. I was sad there was so little salsa in the pack. Hah.

I really liked this one!

So that's it for my Graze Box this week! So far I've been really pleased with every box that I have received, there is always good variety in the packs.

I may just continue to grab the pictures from the site for the following posts, I guess it just depends on whether or not I remember to take pictures, which lately I haven't..

I hope everyone had a wonderful Bank Holiday Weekend (UK Peeps). The weather was lovely!

Laura x

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