What's in my Graze Box? Week 6


Only 3 to review this week. I got a repeat punnet of Jaffa Cake so you don't need to hear about that again.

I've changed my settings on Graze so it keeps sending me things I would like to try rather than a combination of different ratings.

So.. onto my Punnets for this week..

Summer Berry Compote with Wholemeal Shortbread

Per Punnet: 128cals, 17g Carbs, 9.32g Sugar, 1.34g Protein, 6.21g Fat, 3.11g Sat Fat, 0.935g Fibre and 63.1mg of Sodium

THIS WAS FREAKING DELICIOUS! The Berry Compote was like Strawberry Jam, it was fab.

The Shortbread was also delicious. Better than any shortbread i've tasted.

The combination of both was devine. I love this and wouldn't hesitate to get it again!

Boston Bagettes
Per Punnet: 83.7cals, 14g Carbs, 5.08g Sugar, 1.8g Protein, 2.1g Fat, 0.864g Sat Fat, 0.653g Fibre and 200mg of Sodium

This was great. tasted like normal bread sticks with a hint of tomato.

The BBQ Relish was nice too. Slightly fruity taste to it like HP Fruity sauce.

The combination was nice.

Poached Pear
Per Punnet: 118cals, 21.7g Carbs, 18.4g Sugar, 2.21g Protein, 3.17g Fat, 0.581g Sat Fat, 1.64g Fibre and 7.57mg of Sodium

The best part of this was the Vanilla Pumpkin seeds. They were awesome and I really enjoyed them.

The Pear and the Lemon Raisins were good too and I think that the combination of all 3 was great.

I liked the crunch of the seeds along with the raisins and pears.

Looking forward to Graze Box #7 this week.

Laura x

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