What's in my Graze Box? Week 5


So, Heres what I got for my Graze Box this week..

Bonnie Wee Oatbakes
Per Punnet: 114cals, 15.8g Carbs, 5.37g Sugar, 2.76g Protein, 4g Fat, 1.15g Sat Fat, 1.71g Fibre and 10.2mg of Sodium

The Oatbakes were lovely, nice and crunchy. The caramelised Onion Marmalade was nice and matched the Oatbakes well.

The marmalade was slightly sweet which tasted a little odd at first but overall the combination was nice. They were very filling.


Per Punnet: 249cals, 9.78g Carbs, 9.19g Sugar, 4.18g Protein, 21.2g Fat, 7.54g Sat Fat, 1.81g Fibre and 10.2mg of Sodium

My experience with nuts has not been a good one so far.. So I can't say I was excited to try the Copacabana Punnet when I received it this week.

I tried the Brazil Nut on its own.. It had a funny flavour.. I didn't like it too much. I had to eat it together with the chocolate buttons.

The buttons were really lovely, a nice rich chocolaty flavour.. it made eating the brazil nuts bearable.
I'm tempted to bin this one so I don't get it again.

Fruit and seed flapjack
Per Punnet: 225cals, 29.7g Carbs, 17.3g Sugar, 2.7g Protein, 10.8g Fat, 3.24g Sat Fat, 2.16g Fibre and 682mg of Sodium

Yummyyyy! Like the last flapjack I had. The flapjack was chewy and full of flavour. The seeds added a slight crunchy texture.

Very filling.

Tutti Frutti
Per Punnet: 120cals, 29.7g Carbs, 27.6g Sugar, 0.763g Protein, 0.378g Fat, 0.023g Sat Fat, 1.64g Fibre and 15.3mg of Sodium

This was yummy too! The pineapple was nice and sweet. The blueberry Cranberries and raisins were great and I really enjoyed them. They were quite chewy.

I especially enjoyed the Cherry Raisins as I love anything cherry flavored and this didn't disappoint.

Overall, a good box this week, however, there were a few higher cal snacks this time but I just made sure that I spread those out over 2 snacks during the day rather than all in one.

Still loving the Graze Boxes and what they have to offer, keeps me wondering what I'll get next week. I don't get bored of my snacks. Phillip has just started to get the Graze boxes too and he is really enjoying his.

Lets see what I get next week!

Laura x

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