Summary Sunday


Monday - REST
Tuesday - REST
Wednesday - REST
Thursday - REST
Friday - REST
Saturday - 5.77 miles
Sunday -  5.76 miles

Uh.. one word... sore legs. I could hardly walk properly after the Half Marathon last Sunday.. so I suffered to do anything during the week until it got to the weekend.

Pfft.. Monday.. OK.. Tuesday was celebration day, it was Freds Birthday.. we went to London to watch The Bodyguard at the Theatre and went to TGIs for celebratory dinner. Had a burger and salad.. and dessert... finally saw the calories at home.. WOW... :S

Enough said.. I was good for the rest of the week.

Goals Set for Last Week:
I didn't make a post last week so there were no goals set last week.

Goals for Next Week:
Toughy.. I don't know what goal to set this week.

1)  Look into Beginners Yoga.

I'm following a few people on Instagram that are pulling some amazing yoga poses and I just wish I would be able to do it. I want to look into starting Yoga so I will be looking at some Youtube vids and such on it!

2) Don't fret too much about exercise this week, Focus on food choices.

Phillips mum and Fred go away on Holiday as of Thursday, I will have to take the dogs out. Running Risky in the morning.. and then I have all the house chores to do..

Well.. thats it for this week.

Bank Holiday tomorrow for the UK peeps. Enjoy!

What you spending your Bank Holiday Weekend doing?

Laura x

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