Summary Sunday


Monday - 11.1 mile run
Tuesday - REST
Wednesday - 25 mins incline walking, 35 mins cross trainer, 10 mins easy cool-down on bike
Thursday - 35 mins cross trainer, 20 mins bike
Friday - REST
Saturday - 6.69 miles
Sunday - 6.74 miles

I think I did alright this week. I had a long run on the bank holiday in preparation for next Sundays Half Marathon and did another 2 longish runs on Saturday and Sunday. Glad I got in 2 days at the gym too. It would have been 3 days at the gym but I really couldn't be bothered going on Friday.

Food was better this week compared to last week but I have still be munching on the Easter eggs that I have left from ages ago.. As soon as they are gone.. no more temptation.. Until then.. I'm not strong enough to say no all the time.

Snacking other than chocolate was on point, I stuck to my Graze Box. Not much else to say about food tbh.

Goals Set for Last Week:

1) Try and make at least 4-5 workouts this week. 

Done 5 workouts this week so I'm happy. 3 days of running, 2 at the gym. Although I didn't go running on my days off from the gym but its OK because I still did 5 days of workouts this week so I'm happy.

Goals for Next Week:

1) Take it easy.

This is my only rule for this week and its important. Part of me wants to fit in some more runs this week to try and improve my running for the HM next week.

I know that I wont be able to improve anything in one week.. So.. I will still workout as normal at the gym and running, but I'm not to push myself. I don't want an injury or anything stupid.

Well.. that is it this week. Overall a fairly good week. No major slip ups. Looking forward to the HM next week.

I hope everyone has had a good week! Speak to you soon!

Laura x

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