Summary Sunday


Monday - 35 mins cross trainer, 10 mins running, 20 mins incline walking
Tuesday - REST - Hair Cut
Wednesday - REST
Thursday - Zombies Run! Mission 4 - 3 miles
Friday - 5.18
Saturday - REST
Sunday - REST

Not bad.. but not good. ;) Too many Rest days this week.. Back on the wagon this week.

Mmm... Good until Wednesday Lunch time.. Then downhill from there. Travelling to parents, didn't eat lunch on Wednesday, ate out on Wednesday night so we didn't have to cook at my mums.. We were good for lunches at mums, we made sandwiches. Had a Pizza on Thursday from Asda.. I don't want to talk about calories..

Friday up until Mid Day was OK, ate dinner at Dads, We had takeout kebab because we got there late..

Saturday we had stir fry chicken chowmein.. which I suppose isn't that bad, but then we had Potato Salad and Frikadellen for Dinner, I ate way too much!

Sunday we ate quite a big cooked lunch of Potato Gratin and Chicken Breast before heading home. Got home, couldn't be bothered cooking so we just snacked.

So overall.. Quite a bad week food wise.

Goals Set for Last Week:

1) Try to Improve on Running Speed..

I think I did OK on this one this week. I did an Interval run on Zombies, Run and I also did a faster-than-usual 5 miles on Friday, I can tell my endurance during speed runs has increased, I can go further without feeling as tired.

Goals for Next Week:

1) Try and make at least 4-5 workouts this week. 

Anytime I go to the gym, get in an interval session on the treadmill.. even if just for 20 minutes. Off days from the gym.. do Zombies Run. Big push for the Half in 2 weeks.

That's it for this week. I just want to focus on continuing to amp up my running a bit without causing any injury for the next 2 weeks

Again, Sorry for the late posts.. but I've been away this weekend and haven't had time to blog. I should have been more prepared and made my blog posts sooner.. but I couldn't do that with some of them.

Laura x

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